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Wearing Thin.

A little stress is good for the soul. It gives you a smack to get back into reality. I feel like Im the only person in the world going through what Im going though.  Providing for my family, always being too nice to people, going to school full time, working full time,  always being sick or being diagnosed with something, having people comment about my weight constantly even as a child, marital issues. I let it take over me & i rethink back to when my father died, how i handled it at 11, anorexia, cutting myself, depression, thoughts of suicide, etc… Ive kept myself in a shell for so long, life just seems to hurt my soul. Stress building up and taking over, i feel like i have nothing. People come in and out of my life, it should be a normal thing to anyone? Who do you go to when you have no one? Like everyone is on the outside looking in. Ive always helped other people but put myself aside and what i want. But thats not something you want people to know, its a weakness people take advantage of. Things just hit me so hard i grew to become emotionless. When situations like this where my stress is effecting my health, i break down & just feel like i want to give up on everything, Why do i have to hold all the burdens of everyone?

My Adidas&#160;!

My Adidas !

Love is a beautiful thing with beautiful outcomes.

Love is a beautiful thing with beautiful outcomes.



As the HYPE around the new stadium being built in BROOKLYN, NY, adds to the exciting landmarks that captures the tourist eye, the spot to visit is VINNIE’S STYLES. As you enter BROOKLYN via The Manhattan Bridge, your path down Flatbush Extension leads you to notable landmarks like;  Junior’s Cheesecake, The Clock Tower Building, Brooklyn Library, Brooklyn Museum and Prospect Park. 

In the middle of it all you come upon an ICONIC HIP-HOP CLOTHING STORE/MOVEMENT… VINNIE’S STYLES. VINNIE’S has been the tastemaker in Hip-Hop Style for over a decade. Artist an entertainers in the hip-hop culture and abroad visit the store, as it’s the one stop shop for your official look. They recently opened  their flagship location at 239 Flatbush Ave, near the corner of Bergen St. We knew the brothers Desta, Jacob and Paul Parris vision was bigger than the space of their original location. It was only a matter of time before their dedicated customers, who they value, see their vision go beyond clothing.

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